Monday, January 27, 2014

Shoes Off Please

This is one of a few blogs that I couldn't post because of the internet was not big enough for my photos. I thought I would do it now as I find them. This is from 2010, when Lillian and I travelled the width and breadth of Thailand. .
We came to stay in our fifth town in Thailand, called Lampang, known as the rooster capital of the country as it has rooster statues and motifs everywhere. We stayed near the river in a small guest house but what is most amazing is the area's wooden buildings. They are at least a 100 or so years old, mostly pegged posts and beams and formed the commercial part of the town at that time. The street is windy and along both sides are two story teak houses, mostly joined, with the second story serving as a balcony and overhang to protect the space below. People live upstairs and on the street level are multiple- folding teak doors that open up as a store front.

The houses are elegant and airy looking in a simple way that the new concrete ones can never compare with. This part of town was luckily preserved by far thinking politicians and now serves as a vibrant arts, tourist, week-end walking market and
 local working Thai center.

Lillian and I walked up and down those street for three days and always marveled at the amount of shops and restaurants and how all were family run. Next on to Phrae in the north and mountains.

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