Monday, February 16, 2009

Leaving for Thailand

Well, the day has finally arrived and Lillian and I are off to Thailand tomorrow. I am staying until the end of March and Lillian until the middle. The first thing is to have a good, relaxing time. Have some fun, sit in cafes, listen to music and smile a lot.
The other thing is to go exploring. We are based out of Chiang Mai, in the north and staying at Jeffrey and Naomi’s condo there. So many thanks for letting us stay and introducing us to Thailand. I had such great experiences there last year—the food, the people, the weather, especially the food, wow.
And for me one of the best discoveries was the timber frame buildings in Chiang Mai and surrounding area, from temples to ordinary wooden teak houses. I plan on taking a lot of photos for a possible book in the future and to possibly lead a tour of the amazing buildings in that region.
Our friend Richard Spandlik is coming with us and staying at a hotel next door to our condo. Should be fun. I can already picture us sitting at night, outside in the Sunshine Café, eating sandwiches and having abundant conversations with all the interesting people who come there every night. Oh, the air will be so soft and warm, looking forward to it.
As well, Chiang Mai is known for its markets—the day market, the night and Sunday market. Tribal people come down form the north and sell their wares and food. So amazing. Talk to you from there next time!

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